The idea of a website dedicated to the female side of filmmaking has been on my mind for years. That’s not to say that such sites don’t already exist, but I wanted somewhere I could curate my thoughts under my own terms and work with those around me to create something really special. After years of deliberation and self-doubt, I gave up trying to figure it out. Until recently, that is, when it came to me all at once out of the blue; suddenly I knew what I wanted it to be, and was ready to bring it to life.

And then Celluloid Sisters was born.

So here we are! Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to get some pieces posted – anything from film reviews to essays to character studies to thinkpieces to lists. I’ve got a few ideas of my own I’d like to get out, but I’m also more than open to contributions from anyone else who may be interested!

If you’re interested in collaborating, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message here or elsewhere! I’m still yet to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of the details of it all, but a little push from an eager writer or two wouldn’t hurt!

I’m excited to see where this leads and, though I’m not expecting too much traction to begin with, I really hope that in time we build up a community of people to enjoy this beautiful mess of an industry alongside.

I’ve never been much good at introductions or farewells, but I’m Rosie and this is Celluloid Sisters, tuning out til next time.

❤ Rosie